Why Mile to Smile?

All of us knows how much expensive is the dental care that we dream about. That’s why Mile to Smile provides professional and excellent dental care services in Belgrade. Mile to Smile team will provide you the best solutions with the best doctors to your dental care needs.     Mile to Smile accepts patients from all around the world and our goal is to give the best price for dental care you’ve ever dreamed about.Please contact us and you will see our exclusive services. Please click HERE and watch our short movie.

Why Serbia?

The cost of dental esthetics is up to 70% cheaper than in other US or EU countries. Belgrade, Serbia, a city of the future has a great location, it’s just 2 hours away from most European cities. Moreover, Serbia follows European Community Health Standards.                        Our doctors and the clinics meets the highest standards which provide you the best dental care that you need. Please click HERE  and watch our short video.

How am I getting offer?

Very simple, Once you register at Mile to Smile, you’ll get a phone call from one of our polite and professional support managers who will examine your needs while focusing on what you wish to achieve. Based on our findings, we will send you our most competitive quote. This will include fees such as flights, hotel and your dental care. Our dental practices provide quality dental treatment at truly reasonable and fair prices.

What do I need to do for getting offer ?

One of our support managers will kindly ask you to fill in and send two documents (Health Status and Order Form) along with the panoramic X-ray via e-mail and the picture of your smile via WhatsApp.

How do I know what kind of treatment is appropriate for me?

Once we receive the required material, it is immediately forwarded to our team of experienced and professional doctors. Based on the documents and your health condition, they will decide which treatment is the most appropriate for you.

Do you have a license?

Yes, we do. Mile to Smile is the first licensed company in dental tourism in Serbia and powered by Hear Solution LTD. (License No. OTP 47/2018).

Do you provide an insurance?

Of course. Our company provides insurance for every client during his/her stay here in Belgrade. And our doctors provide insurance for the treatment as well.

Do I need to book the flight?

No,you don’t need to bother with your flight arrangements because our dental care package includes flight ticket as well. Just pick a date and our team will arrange your flight, hotel, transportation and dental care.

What kind of payment method do you offer?

Mile to Smile company offers various methods of payments. You can pay by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.

Why PayPal and not other payment methods?

It`s secure – once you sign up for the PayPal account, your credit cards and bank accounts will be on the PayPal secure system                        It`s convenient – you can split the total amount in several installments.
It`s fast – no need to enter all your financial information every time you pay

How it works if I want to be accompanied by someone?

We encourage you to bring a companion with you as a support and also to enjoy together while in Serbia. And for that reason, we are glad to offer your accompanying person stay for FREE – flight ticket, accommodation and high level service.

How many days do I need for my dental care?

The number of days spent in Serbia depends on the type of treatment you are going to do. Once we forward all necessary documents to our doctors, they will evaluate them and decide how many days it will take for the treatment.