White Teeth with Ceramic Veneers

The No-Prep Veneer practice is relatively new generation dental procedures.

This treatment modality is considered as a substitute for direct bonding, esthetic recontouring, conventional orthodontics and teeth lightening. Therefore, this option proffers to the patients the ability to enjoy perfect smiles without the painful and invasive procedures associated with the established dental procedures. The very nature of the treatment is the main reason why more patients are seeking it and more dentists are perfecting their skills and competencies in meeting the patients’ expectations.

Meanwhile, after a continuous improvement in dental practices, the minimum preparation and no prep veneer approaches came into being, taking the industry by storm and gaining massive patients and dentists support. The two procedures, simply mean that there is an absence or minimal preparations where necessary. The term “preparation” in this case means, grinding, cutting, filing or even the use of the orthodontic wire in tooth realignment.

Due to increased social interactions, there are growing needs for dental aesthetics, particularly for teeth lightening as most people would desire a whiter enamel for an eye-catching smile. The no prep veneer restores the dental hue and gives the patients the confidence they are looking for. As opposed to creating an unnatural shade, the no prep veneer creates a natural impression of how an ideal dental formula has to look.

The minimum preparation and the no prep veneer treatments are becoming a major option for patients seeking various options of dentistry care. They are non-invasive and time saving to patients, above all result in pretty smiles.