How it Works

Why Dental Aesthetics in Serbia?

Serbia, Belgrade is just 2 hours away from most European cities. This is what we call a great location! Easily approachable, this lively, colorful and welcoming city is waiting for you.

The most important of all, is that Mile to Smile is here to change your life for the better, all the while saving you time and money.

In Serbia, the cost of dental aesthetics is up to 70% cheaper than in other EU countries. For other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand the price for dental care will be up to 60% cheaper then your doctors in your countries. Our team of experts in Mile to Smile will exceed your expectations by giving you that charming, white Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Sounds interesting? Well, our team here at Mile to Smile thinks of everything – from booking your flight, organizing accommodation at the best hotels in the city, to travelling with luxury vehicles together with a friendly and helpful chauffer to accompany you during your stay with us and cater to your needs.

So why pay more when we’re just a few hours from your location?

So how exactly does our whole process work?

  1. After you have contacted us and booked an appointment, you will be referred to one of our professional staff, who, will be contacting you back by phone.
  2. During a brief phone call, we will examine your needs while focusing on what you wish to achieve. In order to begin the dental diagnostic and commence the treatment one day after your arrival, our consultant will schedule an appointment for you at precise time.
  3. After the phone conversation, you will be kindly asked to send a copy of your panoramic X-ray image and the current dental image.
  4. Once we receive the required material, it is immediately forwarded to our team of doctors who are expert specialists for evaluation and assessment of this degree.
  5. Based on our findings, we will send you our most competitive quote that we hope you will find attractive. This will include fees such as flights, hotel, further accommodation and dental care. Our dental practices provide quality dental treatment at truly reasonable and fair prices.
  6. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by a representative. Furthermore, we will provide you with a luxury vehicle complete with a chauffeur to accompany you during your stay with us and cater to your needs.